Fun Easter Ideas for 2014

by Linda Lee

Fun Easter Ideas for 2014


Easter has come to represent many things to many people. For Christians, it is one of the most important holidays of the year, celebrating the Resurrection. For those who do not follow the Christian faith, Easter has become a celebration of the rebirth of the world through spring. Whatever your reasons for celebrating Easter, you probably think of the same things as most other people when you plan for this day: good food and beautiful clothing.

New Clothing for The Spring Holiday

Clothing in particular has come to symbolize this special holiday. Not only do people enjoy dressing up on this day but, for many, it is one of the first days of the year in which "warm weather" clothing is appropriate.

Little girls often have a new dress for the occasion. Many Easter dresses feature smocking, lace, ribbons and other dressy elements and come in a range of pastel colors. In fact, pastels are the hands-down favorite for Easter clothing. Dresses come in a wide variety of materials, as well, including tulle, satin, silk and lightweight cotton. From casual t-shirt material to formal organdie, dresses run the gamut of all makes and materials to suit every taste and need for Easter outfits.

In the past, Easter clothing generally included a hat and gloves, although those items are not worn as frequently nowadays. Most girls do wear a large ribbon or bow in their hair in place of a hat, however. Easter is also the date on which many people begin to wear white shoes again for the summer season.

Cupcakes and Decorating for Easter

Kids not only love dressing up for Easter but they love the great food that accompanies this holiday as well. After the traditional family meal, it is common to have plenty of candy on hand from Easter baskets for a sweet treat. However, many cooks begin preparing the day before the holiday, baking and decorating cupcakes and other treats. 

The Saturday before Easter is a busy day in many households for the cook, who often enlists the eager help of children in the house. One of the favorite activities in many families is picking out patterns and decorating cupcakes. There are as many cupcake ideas as there are individuals who make them, but a few favorites include:

Pastel icing. To do this, tint white icing with food coloring and create fun pastel colors to top your cupcakes.




Marshmallow chicks. A little colored coconut, a marshmallow chick and some jelly bean eggs creates a cute "nest" on top of a cupcake.




Chocolate bunnies. For the chocolate lovers, a rich fudge icing topped with chocolate candy bunnies is a great way to satisfy the sweet tooth.






Easter cake pops. Even if you are not a professional baker or cake decorator, a few cake pops can turn your Easter gathering into an art display.

Whatever you decide to do this Easter, be sure to include beautiful clothing, great food and fun times with your family!