Wind Beneath My Wings

by Linda Lee

Let me start off by wishing all the Fathers a wonderful Father's Day today!  I hope you have a special memorable day with your children and family.  I am so blessed to have my daughters Nicci & Jessi to wish me a Happy Father's Day.  All those days of raising them alone was all worth the effort. To all the single moms out there who have been a father to your children...Happy Father's Day to you as well!


2013-06-13 21.33.26.jpg

My father was the wind beneath my wings.  I thought I was a strong person to be a single mother raising two girls alone in the United States.  But the truth of the fact is, it was all because I knew that you were there to catch me if I fell down.  

You have taught me numerous lessons, but most importantly you have shown me something very valuable when you left this world, to be humble and always be kind to less fortunate people. The proof was seeing nearly 3,000 mourners come to say their final goodbyes to you.  You have touched and made a difference in their lives.  Like you, I hope to leave this world a better place.

Even if you are no longer here by my side, your love will always be my guide...I love you Dad!