Faux Real?

by Linda Lee

I once read on Harper Bazaar that one would rather be naked then wear FAUX Chanel. On an adult level I can almost agree however for children, WHY NOT! Let's be honest Suri Cruise is most likely one of the few daughters in the world rocking the REAL deal. Though young Cruise looks rather hip and trendy at all times, it's not very realistic.

My Mother and I came across a brand called Milk and Soda when the Kids Show was visiting Las Vegas. We were very excited to see these mini "Chanel", "Proenza Schoeler", and "Birkin" purses for young girls, they were displayed so cute with an array of colors, we just couldn't resist! They've arrived and are absolutely ADORABLE! I've found that they can also work for adults! I am loving the yellow faux Chanel with the gold chain hardware it's the same yellow from last years Spring Collection from The Chanel! What a buy! I've purchased two for myself and that's FAUX REAL! 

Nicci Lee

red chanel close up.png
pink birkin front.png
yellow chanel close up.png
pink polenza.png
black chanel close up.png