Why I love Wildfox!

by Linda Lee

When I want to relax and wear a comfortable clothes I always like to wear Wildfox.  They are the most comfy t shirts, sweaters and sweats I've owned.  When I saw that they make for children I was so happy!  I couldn't wait to order for Nonna Bambini site.  The only disappointment was that they only start from size 7/8 to 14 years old.  My site is for infant girls and boys to size 8 years old so I would only be able to fulfill for girls that wear size 7 or 8.  I love it so much that I decided to just buy for that size hoping that someday Wildfox Couture will start making for younger children.  Today, I got a call from the sweetest sales rep Stephanie saying that if there's enough demand they may consider making for younger children!  Yay!  I couldn't be any more happier.  Here are some of the items we carry at Nonna Bambini.  I hope your child will like as much as I do!