by Linda Lee

It is almost 25 years ago when I decided to design children's clothes.  I named it after my first daughter Nicole.  At that time Nicci was about 6 and Jessi was about 3.  We lived in Hawaii and I had a neighbor who loved to sew and I think that is where it all started.  I wasn't good at sewing but I really enjoyed creating something.  It was so much fun making clothes for the girls.  I hope someday again I will go back to designing but for now I enjoy selecting all the beautiful clothes & shoes out there!

With all the moving's I've lost all the clothes I designed except one.  I still clearly remember how I came to designing this dress.  It happened in my dream at night, an adorable girl came walking down the aisle wearing this vibrant colored dress with big bow in the back.  The dress was poufy with tulle inside and when the little girl walked, it bounced.  Voila...I made this dress as I saw in my dream!

Dress by Nicoletti

Dress by Nicoletti